Import in whisk

Can I import into Whisk and edit a file created with Hype (html5)?

You can open an exported html project and edit the html file.
You will not be able to edit the hype environment directly though.

You will only have the normal webkit tools that can dive down into the current DOM.

These will not be edits done to the hype JavaScript file.

What are you trying to do?

I created a page with Hype, I exported the page to html, but when I open the html file with Whisk, the page appears to be empty.

Thanks for the reply

You able to post the project?

i can't.
How can I save a professional html file with Hype?
Because what I saved didn't create the "styles" and neither did the links to the images.


Hypes dom is dynamically created by a js-library ... so its output is not like common static html,css

there is no good way of manually changing an export contents

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This is the case as I mentioned in my first reply and as Hans as also mentioned. is the program meant to do the editing of the hype doc.

Hype internal styles from the project are created as inline css when the hype runtime/js creates the DOM.

If you add styles to the head via then they will appear in the exported html head.
Where you can edit them. You can also add them via

This could possibly be a request for an option to export the internal styles as either a linked style sheet file or in the exported html head as a style sheet.

But honestly that could become a massive mess. Just look at any of Apples apps that do that.
A complete nightmare to work with and imho a shit show.

It is much easier to override what you need to by giving you own classes and ids to use in your own css.

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I try...