Import Image Centered

Am I missing something? I’m importing an image 1024x768 into a Hype document that’s 1024x768 and it comes in off centered. Is there a command or setting that corrects this?


How are you importing it exactly? Plus can you move it to where it needs to be?

Hello DBear,

I’m importing enough files to think it would be better to have just have them fit. Yes, they are movable. I’m guessing from your response that it’s just the way it is.

Also importing videos with the same issue. I’m importing using the Insert drop down menu.

There is more than one way to import an image.

If you drag n drop directly from the Finder to a scene, the cursor will be the centre of the dropped image.
This is the same if you use the Add file menu in the resources then you will also have to drag n drop.

If you Copy n Paste or use the Import Menu, the image should centre.

I just tested an Import using the Menu to import.

492x912 image into the same dimensions scene. Imported exactly edge to edge. Then enlarged the scene 100px w,h each.
The image still imported centred.

Not exactly. As Mark has mentioned there are a few ways, just wanted to ascertain which way you did it and perhaps in what order. Try an import using the menu as Mark has suggested. However, I have a feeling you want to import more than one at a time which is possible just think alphabetically when selecting more than one image. They are imported in that way when selecting more than one.

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Thanks Mark,

I’m not tracking the Import Menu option. I’ve been using the Image… under the Insert.

I think that’s what he meant. :smile:

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No worries.