Implementing the mechanical countdown template

thank you so much... this is perfect countdown.

But your countdown day and hour always be 222:22:
when I preview on my mac and mobile with hype reflect it's working clearly, but when I upload in my hosting, the countdown is always be like that.

this is my file:

you did not include @MaxZieb 's script and there's been an issue adding scripttags in a Hypefunction

looks like a promising project :slight_smile:

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Sorry it's a wrong file. That's the file like yours:

and I have uploaded it to my hosting.
can be viewed on mobile and click the clock image or the "waktu" menu. the countdown is always be 222:22:... if not try to open or reload several times.

Thank you, I will open a digital invitation service. I hope it goes well

This error is unrelated to the timer. You have an error in your console … saying that you can't use the "<" symbol and this happens because you just pasted a script tag into a function. That is not how it works… remove that function or fix the error in it…

Learn more about the console:

Learn more about JavaScript:

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I've removed the code you're referring to,

But the countdown still shows 222:22:22: when uploaded to hosting

Works for me…

I try in many device, if you reload several times, you will get 222:22:22....