Immediate "Jump to scene.." causes js error when using symbols

Hi everyone

I am developing an ipad app using Hype. Today I have come across a strange javascript error. If you inspect this page you will see the error:

The animated hand icon symbol in the corner seems to somehow cause it, because when I remove the hand from the scene the error goes away. In fact the existence of any symbol causes the error.

I wonder if this is a bug in Hype or something I am missing. Can anybody help? Hype file attached. (1.8 MB)

Doing some more research I believe I have located the problem. The attached hype file is much simpler (2 scenes and a symbol) - you will note the same javascript error occurs. If however, the first scene is removed the problem does not occur. It appears that the “Jump to scene…” trigger in the first scene creates a scenario where I cannot use a symbol in the second scene. If I delay the “Jump to scene…” for a few milliseconds then the problem goes away.

This is an unusual usage for scene transitions, however it seems like a bug in Hype regardless. Anyone care to take a look? Thanks! (74.8 KB)

Hi raph!

I can repeat this problem as You describe it - even one frame in to the timeline results in no errors. No symbol no problem… what a quirky scenario.