Images together when shrinking to fit

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How can I keep 2 or more images together when shrinking to fit? Here’s my ex: Thanks!


Try this out: Proportionally scaling a Tumult Hype document based on the browser width

If that’s not what you’re going for can you explain in a few more words?

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Thank you for your response, but my issue is very simple. I have 2 images (as shown on my example). When I make the page smaller, the images shrink to fit but the image below separates from the top one. How can I keep them together when making the page smaller.

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This is an example of a website of what I want more or less


In your first post you said shrink, but in this example, the images are just staying centered. Here’s a couple options, both of which use groups:

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Yes thank you, just like the second option, but I need the images to be separated. Because each image is linked to a different site. Just like the website

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You can select one of your individual images (in the property list), and then create a ‘mouse click’ action to link out to a separate URL:

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Yes, that I understand. But back to my issue. How can I keep the two images together when shrinking to fit or expanding? (when shrinking they separate or when expanding they overlap)

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You’ll want to group the images together, and then have the group use those sizing options along with the “Zoom Contents” setting.

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