Images together when shrinking to fit

How can I keep 2 or more images together when shrinking to fit? Here’s my ex: Thanks!

Try this out: Proportionally scaling a Tumult Hype document based on the browser width

If that’s not what you’re going for can you explain in a few more words?

Thank you for your response, but my issue is very simple. I have 2 images (as shown on my example). When I make the page smaller, the images shrink to fit but the image below separates from the top one. How can I keep them together when making the page smaller.

This is an example of a website of what I want more or less

In your first post you said shrink, but in this example, the images are just staying centered. Here’s a couple options, both of which use groups:

Yes thank you, just like the second option, but I need the images to be separated. Because each image is linked to a different site. Just like the website

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You can select one of your individual images (in the property list), and then create a ‘mouse click’ action to link out to a separate URL:

Yes, that I understand. But back to my issue. How can I keep the two images together when shrinking to fit or expanding? (when shrinking they separate or when expanding they overlap)

You’ll want to group the images together, and then have the group use those sizing options along with the “Zoom Contents” setting.

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