Images not appearing

I facing another issue which is that when I preview a scene in the browser, the images may partly appear or not at all

Top image is from hype and bottom from Safari

if I shutdown the hype doc and reopen its fine

Any errors appearing in the browser console?

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I cant replicate the problem now

It would be useful to know what version of macOS and Safari you are using, as well as any details about the image itself (context of a .hype document would be great).

We have from time-to-time seen reports of SVGs not rendering randomly, especially on older versions of macOS.

Hi Jonathan,
Im running 10.13.6 and Safari 13.1.1 and I was using a png24 image not svg

That’s interesting. There’s not much to go on without a live (or reproducible) case unfortunately. If it happens again let me know; it would be interesting to inspect the dev tools/DOM and see what Safari thinks is there.