Images Keep Disappearing

I spent an entire day creating an animated infographic. When I saved my file in the end, all of the resources disappeared, which unlinked all of the images in my file. Is there any way to recover or add my resource files back in without having to re-animate everything? Unfortunately I’m working on a network server which wouldn’t allow me to save earlier versions within the file and the earlier versions I saved on my own are having the same issue.

Sorry you’re hitting this, Meredith! I replied to your email.

For others, we have seen some issues with network drives and we recommend working on Hype documents on your local computer until we can find a fix for this issue.

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Hello Daniel - We are re-visiting this issue. We really like Hype and really think it would be beneficial for a lot of our projects, but we can’t move forward with purchasing until we know this issue can be fixed. We had to terminate the project we were working on before because we couldn’t get past this issue. Have there been any updates on this since we last spoke? Is there a number I can call to talk to someone on support?

You suggested saving to the network could be the issue, which is valid, however we tried just doing everything from the desktop and we experienced the same issues. Our trial is up, so we can’t really try anything else either. Please advise. Thank You

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Hmm, Nothing would surprise me when dealing with network drives and saving things to them but I have not heard of anyone having this type of issue working locally on the desktop.

It may be worth you letting @Daniel know what you system setup is and maybe any other software/system setup that may be unusual as from the sounds of it this kind of sounds to be that sort of issue rather than one specifically with networks…

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What I often do is create a media folder inside the project folder on my machine where the Hype doc resides and place all the images in the folder. I make sure they are of an appropriate size (placing an oversized image can cause problems, so it is important that the images are no larger than necessary) and optimized (open them in Photoshop and select File > Save For Web. Sometimes I use a dedicated optimization plug-in, such as TinyJPG/TinyPNG). When I output the file I end up with everything in the same folder - Hype doc, media, project resource folder and html doc.

If your Hype doc can’t find the images, you can select the individual images in the Resources inspector and re-link them to the corresponding images in the media folder.

If you are having issues maintaining links on your local machine, it is possible that your directories might have some corruption. In this case, you might want to grab a copy of DiskWarrior and have it scan your directories. If it notices any discrepancies, this might be the cause of the problem. Make sure your drive is backed up before you do anything. Then run DiskWarrior and have it update your directories. This will make sure that the links are good. If the linked files aren’t showing up in Hype, this might be because of the damaged directory. If so, re-linking them at this point would resolve the issue.

Hi I am having this issue again. It seems like whenever I try to add more scenes/steps/make the file more complicated, this issue occurs. While working on the file, all of my prop files in the Resources panel disappeared. It still shows the file names on the timeline with their animations, however you can’t actually seem them on the animation. Is there any way to resolve this without having to redo all of the work?

If you are hitting this, please choose Help > Report an Issue… and include logs. It’d be useful to know in that where your file is saved (network volume, home directory, removable drive, synced folder, etc.). You should be able to restore working documents via the File > Revert To… menu.

This has now happened twice to us - on quite a large Hype file. It has taken our employees a day each time to replace these assets / imagery and copy over subsequent properties / behaviors.

This issue is a big problem for us and a solution of working locally simply isn’t an option for a studio collaborating on multiple assets / aspects.

We are submitting logs through the Help section. We ask that a solution is prioritized!


What’s the server protocol (SMB / AFP)? Are the images on a NAS drive? If so, is the NAS running Windows (most likely) or UNIX? (Sometimes filenames can make a NAS misbehave when accessed via SMB.)

Is there a way to set up auto-updating local folders on the root directory for each user that sync with the folder on the server? Not to sound like a vaudevillian joke, but if linking to images on a server is a problem, but linking to local files works properly, this might point the way to a workaround solution.

One solution I found was to export after updating the file and then if the issue occurred again I would go to Help > Restore Document from Export and I at least was able to recover all of that

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The server protocol is SMB. The files are located on a Synology / NAS, it is running UNIX.

We could look at setting up a sync, but this adds a massive inconvenience and comes with an array of problems on its own. We’ll work locally for now on projects that need Hype. We have submitted logs / errors to aid in finding a solution.

If the server has the right daemon available, such as rsync, you can share a folder with a NAS device via Terminal, and with incremental file updates. Otherwise, you could use an app such as ChronoSync.

This is under active engineering investigation and agree to its severity. It only affects working on remote volumes and can be avoided by working locally.