Images in Hype are not showing up

hi all. i have bought hype in 2019 and made my simple website with it. i am needing to upgrade my website and so i'm on a trial version of hype 4. i have noticed with some small tests that images seam to dissapear after certain tests and do not even get published. is there something i'm doing wrong. they are on the scene but do not publish. i want to make sure things are in good order before purchasing - has anyone experienced this?

i appreciate your help.

Hey Jeff,

I haven’t had such problems. Are you using some sort of JavaScript blocker or is your site sized like an ad and are you using an ad blocker? That could be a reason. If not it’s helpful to post a file if that is possible.

Also what error do you get in the browser console in its developers tools.

Also If you are using js to hard code image paths the file type can be changed by hype if optimisation is checked for the images

Can you post a link to the affected site.

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guys, thanks for the time and responses. after i restarted the program, it is working as it should.
thanks again!


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