Images are not wanting to update now

After I update and replace a Image (png) in photoshop. Overwrite the old file. Jump back into HYPE Pro and it ask me to update the image. I click the update button, then a error window pops up saying "The file “Data_Boxes.png” couldn’t be saved in the folder “HypeScratch.hDPgQc”.

Did a search in the forum and couldn’t find a solution, or if it’s here I couldn’t find it.

Any help would be nice. I even went to the resource window and tried replacing the image there. Same issue.


Any chance you have your .hype file open from a network drive? This may be causing a permissions error during that replace process. If that’s not the case, can you submit an issue from Help > Report an Issue and include your system logs – this will help us see what’s going on with your machine. Sorry you’re hitting this!

No network drive. I’ll try the report.


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