Image Sprite Adjust FPS timing after Import to timeline

I might have said this before but imagesprite feature to Hype 4 is out of this world amazing. The more I use it the more it feels like it needs improvements. That said, would love it if Hype can give its users the ability to re-adjust timing or fps after its been imported to the timeline. Sometimes its hard to nail the right frame rate from the first try and the current workflow makes it a bit of a complicated task which consists of reimporting the images and changing the frame rate from beginning to end (re-adjusting, repositioning the keyframe blocks after)

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You can change the framerate after the fact; just select the sprite sheet element and in the Element Inspector click Edit Sprite Sheet…


(of course I know you have another request for making it easier to see what that framerate will actually look like. Also having it be draggable on the timeline would be nice.)


totally overlooked this, thank you

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