Image rendering on Internet Explorer 10

Hi there,

I’m experiencing a problem on Internet Explorer 10: some images inside my Hype animation are displayed very bad.
I see a series of lines that cross images, then if i scroll the page down and up again, the lines disappears.
This problem happens only on IE. What can i do to fix it?
Here’s a screenshot

Thank you in advance!

Can you share a document so that we can test it?

IE 10/11 has some issues related to hardware acceleration and CSS animation.
extra CSS with transforms, also nested elements with transforms are not properly rendered, especially with overflow: hidden, depends on the animation.

Seeing a zip of your .hype document would be great; the Hype runtime may be able to make corrections depending on the issue.

You could also try checking Position with CSS left/top in the Document Inspector and see if that helps per @michelangelo’s note.