Illusion of a circular move :) (40.5 KB)
… nothing more :slight_smile:


Just beautiful…

That code looks so simple… ‘The Nuts’

This is Brilliant Hans.

I noticed all of the symbols having an empty action in the beginning? I don’t think you meant for an action to be there but if you did any reason for it? I also like the fact that the animation stops and restarts on page visibility thats cool too. Would be great to see this is as a loader of some sort. Great work!

To both you and Mark Im getting training on Javascript particularly

Do you have any other recommendations?

Here’s a good set of resources: Learn JavaScript: Courses, Tutorials, & Books & here: JavaScript Learning Resources


Sorry if this is off topic.

I just signed up with Skillshare and they offered a free month trial and so I found below training. Id say 70% is beginner stuff but the other 25-30% where he talks about Javascript, Jquery, Variables, Timelines, and the different examples he brings about inside of hype is pretty insightful.