I'll get right to the (decimal) point

It would be extremely helpful if future versions of Hype would allow fractional/non-integer values in properties like position, rotation, skew, etc.

pretty please?


Hilarious animation. You mean when setting them in the GUI? In the animation phase fractional numbers are certainly supported.

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@MaxZieb in the properties panel with values for things like Left and Top position mostly. It’s not a huge issue, more just a visual thing when I’m trying to line up elements. I’m working on (another!) clock animation and I’d like to line up the gear train so it the gear teeth look as if they’re actually rotating each other, If I can position a gear with decimal values, that will work.

Rotation values with decimals would also help since (visually) a whole degree of rotation is quite noticeable sometimes. I this case I want to give the appearance of a clock bell vibrating slightly once it’s struck. With decimal values I could really bring that visual effect to life.

Like I mentioned before - it’s not a big issue, and Hype is certainly my #1 choice of authoring tools :grin:

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OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS FORUM :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@jonathan I still think my video about unchecking “optimize while exporting” fixing 99% of the issues seen in the forums is comedy gold… so… yeah.


Ahahaha, wait what thread was that from?!


defaults write com.tumult.Hype2 newResourcesAreSetToAutoResize -bool NO

(com.tumult.Beta.Hype4 for beta, com.tumult.Hype4 for v4)

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@jonathan I actually sent it to you in a private message because I wasn’t sure that level of snark was acceptable amongst decent, god-fearing people.