Iframe example to test?

I’m new to hype and still learning.

I can use iframes to embed google calendars, box.com videos in a limited drupal environment where I can add content into a raw html window.

I’d like to test a live iframe example produced from hype to test how it renders on my page.

Can anyone give me a live working iframe code to test?




Hype has a native element for iframes, the HTML Widget. After you’ve inserted this, you can choose from the Element Inspector to use embedded HTML or to specify a URL.

I see that example and that’s fairly clear with the tutorials. Thanks for referring me to that.

I’m new to understanding iframes, so please forgive me for not understanding.

I uploaded a file set produced from hype and tried to iframe that page to another html page. It didn’t work.

Hype example: http://web.stanford.edu/group/msande-news/cgi-bin/test/hype/iFrame_communication_HTML/index.html

I’m trying to link it with the code:
iframe src=“http://web.stanford.edu/group/msande-news/cgi-bin/test/hype/iFrame_communication_HTML/index.html” width="600 height=“400”></iframe

Nothing shows up. Why is that?

This seems to work for me…

Do you have any ad blockers on?

It also works for me in the latest Safari/Chrome/Firefox on Mac… you might want to check the developer console also and see if there’s anything suspicious.