If you need some text on a curve

jQuery + the CircleType plugin work pretty well.

text_curve.hype.zip (52.5 KB)


cool-thanx. you can create a game. rotate the circle and try to catch the letter “A” :wink:


Have you seen Whirly Word?
It would be fun to see if Hype could re-engineer something like that.

That’s a new one to me Nick, but I agree - it would be fun and a good challenge to get it going in Hype.

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Thank you for this Greg.
I’m unsure how to use it within Hype, though.


Hi Tim, you’ll need to add the script libraries to Hype’s resource pane…

Create the script ‘curved()’ and give your text an ID, I used the word ‘test’ for my ID…


Text on a curve !!! check out Affinity Designer, you can do text on any curve or shape and even use a shape as a text frame…Export as SVG and place it in a rectangle element in Hype, resize to suit, have fun. Along with Hype, Designer is the best app I have purchased to date…

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