If you need some text on a curve

(Greg) #1

jQuery + the CircleType plugin work pretty well.

text_curve.hype.zip (52.5 KB)

Type on a curve?
(strmiska) #2

cool-thanx. you can create a game. rotate the circle and try to catch the letter “A” :wink:

(Nick ) #3

Have you seen Whirly Word?
It would be fun to see if Hype could re-engineer something like that.

(Greg) #4

That’s a new one to me Nick, but I agree - it would be fun and a good challenge to get it going in Hype.

(Timothy Hellum) #5

Thank you for this Greg.
I’m unsure how to use it within Hype, though.


(Greg) #6

Hi Tim, you’ll need to add the script libraries to Hype’s resource pane…

Create the script ‘curved()’ and give your text an ID, I used the word ‘test’ for my ID…


(Colin) #7

Text on a curve !!! check out Affinity Designer, you can do text on any curve or shape and even use a shape as a text frame…Export as SVG and place it in a rectangle element in Hype, resize to suit, have fun. Along with Hype, Designer is the best app I have purchased to date…