If embed a vimeo into a hype using breakpoints, the video fails to go full screen

Here’s how to replicate the fullscreen issue:

  • Put a vimeo video into a hype on each breakpoint, 320, 640, 768 etc and export.
  • Resize browser down which makes hype use smaller breakpoint.
  • Now click fullscreen in the vimeo video and the fullscreen doesn’t work properly, no fullscreen video is show, instead the browsers gone fullscreen showing the website and the hype stuck in the top left corner. Have to press Esc to cancel is and the hype has lost it’s positioning still stuck in top left corner.

We currently use Vimeo so haven’t tried with YouTube but would imagine same effect. I think the breakpoint kicks in when browser goes fullscreen causing it to go bit funky.

Any help appreciated.

any document¿

Hi, Click this for the hype.

  • You need to get to the 3rd slide, so click the play icon, then swipe left (can do same with mouse), you should see the video.
  • Now resize the browser down so it uses a different breakpoint.
  • Now click the fullscreen icon on the video. Hype is in top left now back to the full width breakpoint and video is not playing.

Hope that helps!

should be nice on device because fullscreensize will be within current breakpoint.
so test on devices …
as far as i can see a workaround would be to script your own controls and logic to lead users to a separate (bigger sized) scene which dynamically loads the video … much efford :slight_smile:

On devices its fine, but it needs to work in browsers that people usually resize say to half screen while theyre doing other stuff. :confused: