If else code only giving 1 output

Sorry, I believe I put this is the wrong place originally. I have 2 requests for help. I have a function button which creates 2 random numbers and a calculation to find the difference. This is to help students learn measuring scales on instruments. Request 1 - how can I ensure that the starting number is less than or equal to the finishing number? Request 2. There is a text input box for students and a button to check if their answer is correct. My 'if...else' condition only gives me 1 output regardless of the answer put in by the student.
enterLengthTest copy.zip (28.5 KB)

Hi there,
this should do the trick...

Regards, Kalle

enterLengthTest copy.zip (31.7 KB)


Thank you very much @ktewes. I've spent many frustrated hours trying to get this.