IE and Firefox horizontal animtion stutter

I’ve run into an issue I guess some other users stumbled upon already ( Resize/Translate animations stuttery, especially on firefox ) - it was concerning pretty advanced project though and what I’ve got is a simple horizontal move.
Animation needs to be slow for problem to be visible (and usually move needs to be linear), but unfortunately that’s what I’m working with and that slow horizontal pan is required.
I’m having a lot/some stutter on Firefox and horrible cuts on IE/Edge. I’m aware of the 3D Acceleration not turning on issue, but lately even the ‘forcing’ tricks aren’t working. CSS Transforms are fluid however but only with rotation trick. Otherwise it cuts exactly the same as JS positioning pan. Unfortunate thing is that even GSAP library falters with regular ‘left:x’ /w rotation. Only working solution is the css transform mentioned before.
Interestingly though Adobe Edge is capable of rendering even such slow pan almost flawlessly on all browsers (using transforms /w rotation trick) but since that app pretty much excels at failing I’ve dropped it quite some time ago for Hype.

Anyways, here’s my question: is there a way to force Hype to use translate instead of regular positioning? Are you considering adding such options for ‘slow panners’? That would be super useful.


If you’d like to see what I’m talking about: (121.1 KB) (144.7 KB)

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Please update to Hype 3.5.3; there was a bug where forcing 3D was not always enabled properly in 3.5.2. Let me know if that resolves it.

Thanks for answer - we spoke in parallel on email too :slight_smile:
548 solved the issue, thanks for super-quick turnaround.

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