I'd love it if you played the game I made using Hype and MacPaint patterns

Hey everyone,

I’d like to show you my game GolfNet Online 3.0 - a humorous mini golf simulation-simulator that I made with Hype. I’m a big fan of Hype, I’ve been using it since version 1. I made this game with Hype 2, and then put the finishing touches on it with Hype 3 Pro during the beta period.

GolfNet Online 3.0 was originally in an arcade cabinet with a giant golf ball on the front that you hit with a real golf club to make the ball move, but now I’ve made a version that works in web browsers/on portable devices.

Check it out, let me know what you think!

You can play the game here: GolfNet Online 3.0



@maxpiantoni - VERY impressive! I like the retro MacPaint style a lot - reminds me of HyperCard! Looks like you must have some pretty serious JavaScript going on behind the scenes? Cool concept. However, I apparently suck at mini-golf! :smile:

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Cool game, the part about the dog is a crack up!

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Wow, that’s absolutely great. While it is up to you, I’m sure folks would love to see your .hype document to know how you did it all!

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Wow, this is awesome! I’d love to see the.hype document as well! I’m particularly curious how you did scoring and how you made the scene react when the ball got in the hole.

Great job!

Thanks for playing guys! And thanks for the awesome feedback!

I based the scoring function off of a Tumult demo that I found on the Hype website
Basically, every time the ball is struck it adds 1 to the score.

I’m not leaning towards releasing the GolfNet .hype document, it’s very complex and rather messy (there is roughly 100 scenes). Also the web version is built in two parts, the hype project which is the actual game itself/all of the gameplay, and the ‘network player’ which raps around the game and simulates the arcade cabinet that I originally had GolfNet in.