iCloud Drive Support

Love using this tool, but there is not support for the iCloud Drive
I work on multiple Macs and would appreciate this.
This would be a nice added feature


In the meantime you could use Dropbox. O r just create a Folder in the iCloud Drive folder and save the Hype documents there.

Although I would say Dropbox is faster at syncing.

Thanks,ill try that.,

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Revive this topic?

The last reply to this topic was almost 5 years ago .

So I'm working on the "Presentation Mode" chapter, comparing Keynote to Hype, when I realized something — Hype still doesn't have iCloud support. I thought it was a mistake. Nahhhh... Hype has to have... what... it doesn't?!

I'm surprised that this feature is still missing after 5 years. With presentation mode, it could be a nice way to share Hype documents. Basically, the theme of the chapter is using Hype as presentation software. Hype does have some distinct advantages over Keynote, but iCloud support is not one of them.

@jonathan — I had the impression that iCloud wasn't too difficult of a feature to add. I'm not sure, but I think you mentioned the reason before… but I'm not remembering what it was.

Any app can write to the iCloud Drive via the open/save dialog now. I think this was introduced in macOS 10.12. Just choose it from the sidebar.

In the past (like macOS ~10.8 days), the iCloud drive was not exposed to the user, which meant apps had to specifically support it. We did the all work to do so, but found significant drawbacks and did not ship it. The primary one iirc was that all save dialogs were force to start at the iCloud drive every time you presented one – this included export saves which make zero sense going there since there was no way to later use an export! Secondarily this would only work on the Mac App Store edition of Hype (though later versions of macOS allowed iCloud support via Developer ID builds).

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I updated the chapter, not going to make the iCloud comparison.

Although, I think it would have been neat to see a Tumult Hype folder in there. Sketch is in the list, BBEdit is in the list too. But if it's a lot of trouble, then there are more important features. I have been using iCloud more now than five years ago, but I still don't use it a lot.