iBooks widgets and timelines

Apologies for the noob question…

I am wanting to make an epub class handout. It has text, and animations interspersed in the text - so I’d embed several HTML widgets in the text at various points.

The animations, however, build upon one another. So if I had a timeline in hype that was say 20 seconds of animation, the first widget would show seconds 1-3. The second 3-5. The third 5-9 and so on.

Any suggestions on the best way to proceed? It seems hype exports the entire document as a single widget, so would I have to create separate hype documents for each widget? I’m wondering if I can get away with 1 widget, 1 timeline, and put a timeline pause at the various breakpoints, and then use JS to jump to the various segments, or is that asking for trouble in ibooks, using JS to navigate around?

Any suggestions from more experienced folks (that would be pretty much everyone!).

If you are going to embed several HTML widgets in the text at various points, you would want each animation to be its own separate widget.

However, I’d imagine you could build the entire animation in one Hype document and then split it up into separate animations (by duplicating the project and removing the timeline portions you don’t want on each).

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There isn’t an automated way to close a widget and open another, so for creating a flow from one animation to another, you’ll need to handle that in one widget. But to encourage users to move from one widget to another, you could instruct the user to close a widget (pinching or pressing the X in the corner).

Thanks for the confirmation. Slicing the timeline up is a bit of a pain because if you animate an object from one location to another in the first slice and then to another in the second but then duplicate and delete the first segment you have to relocate the objects. I should have created separate scenes to begin with. It also looks like I’ll have to create separate hype documents for each widget rather than export a scene per widget.