iBooks widget plays in preview but not when published

Hi, I have created an interactive book with audio using Hype and iBooks Author plays it nice when I preview it on iPad. when I publish it to iBooks store it does not seem to be playing audio anymore.
Is there anything I am missing? I have audios that are supposed to play when tapped on objects and also some that should play when the scene loads. none seem to be working on published version.

I appreciate any help on this as I have tried many different things but cannot seem to get it to work.

One thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes spaces or foreign characters in audio files causes issues. Here’s my (as far as I know current) list of bugs that I’ve encountered with iBooks, some of which relate to audio problems:

This page has info on avoiding special characters or spaces in both the Widget Name and the names of files in the widget:

Are you able to share a portion of a your Hype document?

Do you see a difference when previewing in iBooks for Mac?

Hi Daniel, thanks for your quick response.

I have shared a sample of the ebook here:

I don’t see any problem with audio when viewing in iBooks for Mac (both preview and published version). Its only on iPad/iPhone that I don’t hear the audio with the published version.

Its probably worth mentioning that in iBooks Author I set the widget to autoplay. Not sure if it is related or not.

I appreciate your help on this as I don’t know what else to try.

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I think I figured what was wrong. I was using mp3 files before, I started to convert all to m4a files and it started to work.
Thanks for your help and the guide.

Hi. I have the same problem and I also have mp3 files. Will Hype accept m4a files?

Yes – you can drop m4a files into Hype and it will work well for iBooks.