Ibooks mac and ibooks ipad


I created an animation with Tumult (14 Mo - 2 pictures with gifs) and exported this to iBooks author. I’m looking to Hype Reflect: Good! All is perfect.
But when I saved the book and opened it in iBooks, I have a big problem and I don’t find the solution: if the tumult widget is read correctly on mac’s iBooks, there’s a problem on ipad’s ibooks: when I push on the widget, the book and the app crash… And I have to boost the app and the book…

Can you help me despite my poor English :wink:

iBooks for Mac is pretty crashy, unfortunately. I recommend optimizing your animated GIFs by dragging+dropping your .wdgt file onto the Imageoptim program. This may make the GIFs (if they are very large) more manageable.

Can you share your document?

thanks for your fast answer!
One precision: it’s running very well on iBooks for Mac; it crash with iBooks for iPad.
This is a link to my dropbox and the widget:

Meanwhile I’m trying your solution with Imageoptim.
See you soon…