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I created an animation with Tumult (14 Mo - 2 pictures with gifs) and exported this to iBooks author. I’m looking to Hype Reflect: Good! All is perfect.
But when I saved the book and opened it in iBooks, I have a big problem and I don’t find the solution: if the tumult widget is read correctly on mac’s iBooks, there’s a problem on ipad’s ibooks: when I push on the widget, the book and the app crash… And I have to boost the app and the book…

Can you help me despite my poor English :wink:


iBooks for Mac is pretty crashy, unfortunately. I recommend optimizing your animated GIFs by dragging+dropping your .wdgt file onto the Imageoptim program. This may make the GIFs (if they are very large) more manageable.

Can you share your document?

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thanks for your fast answer!
One precision: it’s running very well on iBooks for Mac; it crash with iBooks for iPad.
This is a link to my dropbox and the widget:

Meanwhile I’m trying your solution with Imageoptim.
See you soon…