iBooks EPUB file not playing widgets on KINDLE PREVIEWER



I am creating an interactive EPUB file with iBooks author for kids. This eBook it will be published in AMAZON KINDLE, therefore when I preview it on Kindle, it has to work.

I am using Hype to create the widgets for the EPUB. Once I export the widget, add it to the EPUB file and I preview it on iBooks, it works fine, but when I upload it to the Kindle Previewer it doesn’t do anything. It acts like if it was an image, and didn’t have interaction.

The widget created is basically a scene where there is a background image with two emojis on top (a happy, and a sad face) and when the user clicks one of them and it is the right answer, it takes him/her to another scene where it says that he/she chose the right answer. But if he/she choses the wrong answer, it takes them to another scene where it says that he/she chose the wrong answer, and to try again.

So each widget created, there are 3 scenes (The question, the right answer and the wrong answer.)


Last I checked, iBooks is the only ePub reader that supports the HTML widgets – like the ones exported by Hype.

That’s why I put…

This book was designed to work with iBooks.

…in the description for A Book About Hype.


Unfortunately the Kindle only supports a small subset of the HTML standard, and doesn’t allow embedding JavaScript, which is required to display Tumult Hype documents.