iBooks Author places a 6pt. margin around my widget


I’m not sure if this is an iBooks Author issue/bug or if there’s a work around.

I’m authoring my book pages at 1024x768. When I import my widget and remove all of the widget elements in iBooks Author, it still places a 6pt. margin around my widget making it impossible to fit the widget on the page without the margin overflowing onto the next page.

If my widgets are set to play automatically, the overlapping margins cause the animation on page 2 to play while page 1 is still displayed.

If I design my Author widget to account for the 6pt. margin, (1012x756) (That’s as close as I can get because Author’s rulers don’t use pixels only points) it leaves a blank border around my widget because it is now inset to accommodate for the 6pt. margins.

Any help is appreciated. Even though this book is proof on concept, we have over 100 books we would like to create with Hype and iBooks Author.

(Colin McNee) #2

I’m a bit late to the party here, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to chime in anyway.
Just a thought, but have you tried placing a full-bleed image behind your widget? Then you can reduce the size of the widget by 6pts and not have any white space around it. It will only work if the background of your widget doesn’t have animation applied.
If you figured this out, I’d love to hear about it…