Ibook page loading time


I am working on an iBook using iBook author and hype to create some widget. I just uploaded my book on my iPad, and when i flip pages, each page shows first with a blurb effect, like it needs time to load. I am using the iPad 2017 so it should no be an issue of loading time.

That blurry effect kills the pleasure of reading the book. I have the same problem with widgets i inserted. The loading time is a few seconds, can I decrease that.

Thank a lot for your time and i hope there is a solution



Are you flipping pages in a regular iBook with HTML widgets (built with Hype) embedded or are you overall commenting on the temporary blurriness of page turns in iBooks? Or are you turning pages somehow within a Hype embedded widget?

The loading time when opening a HTML widget will depend on the size of the widget – both the number of scene and elements, and the amount of content you have preloaded. Since widgets are loaded locally, there’s no need to use preloading. You can disable preloading on all images by filtering the resource library at the top to ‘images’, clicking the first image, holding shift, then clicking the last image and unchecking ‘Preload’ at the bottom. This should speed up your initial load quite a bit.

Hello Daniel

Thank a lot for the information.

I flip the page in a regular ibook, and the ibook pages contains widget made with hype. I think the issue come from the ibook reader. When I turn the page on my ipad, when the new page shows up it is blur and it becomes clear after few seconds.

To fix this issue, I tried using hyperlink to move from one page to another. When I do that, the page appears clear straight away. But the problem is that the HTLM widget created with hype do not load anymore even if I selected play automatically.

I there a solution for that ?

I noticed that native widget (widget coming from ibook author) are loaded when I move from one page to another using hyperlink.

Thank a lot for your time