Ibook audio for HTML5 widget

Why is the specified audio format for Ibooks unsupported? ( “use AAC (8 to 320 Kbps, 48 kHz stereo) with an .m4a file extension.” https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204433 ).

In the past, Hype has suggested using mp3, which is not part of the spec.

Our management will not allow us to submit out-of-spec products to the Apple store. I know you wouldn’t.

In addition, audio needs to play from the timeline without the need to export every time just to preview audio.

Audio needs it’s own section of the timeline, the way video editing software has been doing it for 20 years now.

This is supported, but we should probably make it more clear that the format is welcome in our notion of an ‘audio group’:

We recommend it because iBooks supports it and we have had no reports of issues with the file format. I have also not heard of issues in the deployment process. AAC/m4a also works well, and I understand the requirements to stay within the specs.

Thanks for your suggestion about audio playing on the timeline – I’ve added your vote to our feature tracker.


Thanks-I’ll have to consult the documentation about audio groups-didn’t know they were possible.

David Hill


A workaround for using audio in the timeline for now (until they get it working like video) is to change the file name to .mp4 from m4a and you can drag it into a new document and play it like you can with video.

Note* usual sync steps need to be applied. (Starting the timeline “onplay” with the audio so that the times sync up to avoid the buffering problem, etc)

Hi DBear, I appreciate your comment, and I sort of understand what you’re getting at-can you point to a resource that explains more fully what you’re saying? I am a television broadcaster with a background in timeline based applications for video and motion graphics (AfterEffects, Apple Motion, Avid, Final Cut, etc ) Hype Pro and the timeline paradigm mirrors these closely enough that I can execute my intentions for iBooks. I don’t have the kind of background that clues me in immediately to best practices in the html5 world.

Hi David, (@David6816)

Here is a Hype document with an mp4 file that has only audio (blank video).

NOTE To get this .mp4 you can use iTunes for example. Convert to AAC and then find the audio in the finder and change it’s file extension to .mp4. Then drag / add to Hype resources.

Very basic but shows you a method (that I use). The javascript is there to help with the syncing up.

audioWorkaround.zip (323.2 KB)


That is a great solution to preview hype timeline audio. Thanks very much.



It occurs to me the video area placed outside the scene can be utilized to
identify audio clips-for example “SCENE2, LINE4, TAKE3”-important if there
are many. (if it doesn’t unreasonably increase the size of the project.)


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