I want to use a tooltip javascript thats loaded externally in hype (example provided)

I have a tooltip that pops up whenever you hover an element that uses <span data-rel="tooltip">some text</span>. This works fine on the page, but doesn’t work in the hype.

I can get it to load just in the hype if I put the javascript tooltip code as a javascript resource in hype and call it on Layout Load, or if I change the tooltip code on the page to be a function which can be called, but it cancels out the other if its already called.

Heres an example. This one has no call for javascript in the hype. (Hover over the pink text top left and on next slide in hype)


Do I really need to keep loading the tooltip code for every scene/layout??

Can you post a project file example so we can see what you have. Rather than us guessing and re inventing the wheel :smiley:

Sure, here it is. The pink text are the “tooltipped” ones. understanding-the-needs-and-responses-of-others.zip (467.1 KB)