I Need The Non-Minified Version Of The Code

I have been here before with this and boy have I learned a lot. With that being dsadi it keeps on coming. I am now looking for the non-minified code for this project. I have not found anything direct so here I am. Thanks in advances.

help.zip (2.6 MB)

Hi Marcus:

Here’s a bit of information about why the code is minified: Non-minified script. Since edits are made in Hype and then exported as minified machine-readable (and optimized) code, there isn’t really a non-minified version of the document runtime.

Alright thanks for the input. So what would you suggest I give the client requesting it then?

You could refer them to the post I shared, but essentially the unminified version of the code will still have optimized function and variable names which are optimized for quick loading from servers and parsing by web browsers, not for adjusting by hand. So if they are hoping to make adjustments to the document, they’ll need to do their edits in Tumult Hype.

Thanks! They want it regardless. So that link will walk me through the process of finding it creating that code? I’m on Mobile rn so I can’t see as well.

Correct. By using this terminal defaults command Hype will export non-minified versions of code:

defaults write com.tumult.Hype2 UseFullHypeJSTemplate -bool YES

You could then audit and minify yourself, although Hype does use a very aggressive minifier so your results probably won’t be as good. Note that we don’t officially support making modifications to the runtime, so if you need to make changes you’re on your own… but it be great if you let us know what you’re doing and why, as this could be a future improvement to Hype.

To go back to using the minified version, run this command from the Terminal:

defaults delete com.tumult.Hype2 UseFullHypeJSTemplate