I need help with one freelancer

Hello dear group, I am here looking for someone who can help me with the implementation of an e-commerce store for my website, it is a restaurant and the idea is to buy online to place orders at home, there is a menu with prices but there is nothing that allows me to make the customer registration, which adds the prices, the shopping cart, the shipping address and everything necessary, I leave the page made by me but I would like to implement as I mentioned everything that is electronic commerce, I think that it would be necessary to implement a database too.

web site: www.lacostaseafood.com

I myself will not be able to help you but I notice that your form is done by jotformz.com who when I look seem to do what you are after?.

Maybe I misunderstand?

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I would like to implement something similar to uber come on the page, I just saw the method in jotformz but I am not sure that this helps me since the idea is that several menu items can be added to the cart