I need a Hype Freelancer

Hi guys,

Firstly to the mods - I hope this post is appropriate!

I’ve been working with Hype for some time but I need some outsourced help on a regular basis. Essentially we’ve been using hype for short videos and, latterly, Google Display.

I don’t want to hire a creative with a Flash background because the nature of my work means I might have to edit files myself.

Does anyone want to work with me? I’ve no problem using upwork.com or similar as required.

You can reach me at thomas.brunkard <at> solutioncentre.ie

Thanks folks

I’ll allow it :slight_smile:

You may also want to reach out to one of the freelancers in this post.

You are a wise and benevolent ruler Daniel! :slight_smile:

I’ll check out the post. Thanks for flagging!

Sorry to hijack this thread! Firstly I don’t have a huge amount of availability to help at the moment so I probably won’t be the best person to approach.

That being said, @Daniel, this next bit is for you :slight_smile:

So what’s different in this post than to one (relatively recent) where I was mentioned in that got hidden straight away. I know there has been a discussion about whether to create a category for job posts and the consensus was not to have one but I think it would be much better to have a category for these type of posts and if anyone can help, or would like to offer services, can answer.

If it’s the other way around (message a person in the other post) then that would mean the poster has to go through everyone and message privately (probably doesn’t know about the invite to message option) and hopefully get a response but the problem I foresee is that in the “tumult hype freelancers” post the possibility that any of those posters is actually available in the moment is probably slim. Don’t get me wrong … this is only a suggestion but I would prefer to be able to see posts specific to a category and browse through the recent ones when I have some time available to help and offer services if need be.

Hope that makes sense and sorry for my absence of late. :slight_smile:

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That definitely makes sense – I can make a category for this since I can see how it can be a bit awkward to PM individual people. I had been leaning towards this since I realized that new members are actually not banned from private messaging people (as an effort to reduce spam) without some amount of reputation on the forums, but they can post public posts.

It would be a good move. From a marketing sense if a dev/creative thinking about learning and buying into Hype starts to see some demand for it kind of endorses the app, makes a good business case. The thing to watch would be the rules. You don’t want to be caught up in disputes between folks so a disclaimer and maybe a nice tips for freelancers in a pinned post would be a good idea.

cheers Daniel.

And I can second the mention about making people aware that any agreement to work on something is between the 2 parties involved and if any disputes were to arise during the work then Tumult are not responsible.

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I’m not quite sure how the background would matter, you’d still be working with hype on javascript… But I have free time depending on the type of work could you explain what the job description and the pay rate is?

Hi Lucky. What I was trying to say there is that in the world at large I am surrounded by people that want to work in Flash but that doesn’t suit me and I’m on here to get a Hype expert. Anyone’s dark past in Flash is of course none of my concern! :smiley:

Sorry for the poor phrasing. I have Francesco in for first preference but I’ll send you a message with what it is I’m up to if you want to be on the go-to list too?

Yeah please :slight_smile: I can’t escape my flash background but I’ve been building hype ads non stop for the last 2 years so am trying to move on hahah

I’d say that a background in Flash means that you likely have a background in animation + interaction. A plus!

I partially agree with @DBear , the forum with PM is not the right method, however we need a space to show our works and our skiils. I’ve planned a similar area in HypeDocks but not now because I need a feedback from the others. Perhaps a post to talk about their work is not enough.

And 'also important to specify what “kind of professional”. With “Hype” a good designer can do a fantastic job without one line of code.

however a good programmer can do a lot!! ,…two different parts of the Hype sphere.

It should be the forum to help you understand the difference between programmer and designer ( or both if you’re lucky to find one). Now is not clear in my opinion

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I’d be interested in this as well. We’ve been looking for Hype free-lancers on and off for some time. We tried one on elance/oDesk but his knowledge and skill were extremely poor. Internally, we know enough about Hype to provide a specification, then review and make minor modifications but we don’t have time to get things done. We’re also missing the design type skills we see on some of the showcases here in the Hype forum.