Hyperlinks between Pages

I’m trying to copy a menu from from different pages. Working within the same page, it works fine, but when I tried to copy that menu and paste to another page, only the images copies, not the hyperlinked info. Any ideas anyone?

If it’s a menu that should go across multiple pages (do you mean scenes?) then a persistent symbol might be a better idea. That way, you only have to make the menu once, then you just place the symbol in the scenes. So, if you make a change to the menu, you only have to do it once – not in every occurrence of the menu.

I like the idea about the symbol but let me explain further.

If you go to my website just a spark films,

At the bottom of the page that’s the menu I’m talking about. I can copy and paste that menu for each scene in that page, but if I try that for another page, it doesn’t work.

Does that help at all? If you notice each film is a different page , film-1, etc

Maybe if I make that menu a symbol I could paste that symbol into each page ?

A regular symbol could work. It’s the same general idea. I’m not sure that I’d move the menu like you do on that site, but that design decision is up to you. It’s just a matter of using a regular symbol vs a persistent symbol.

I’ll try in the morning and let you know if that works. Thanks