Hyperlinked Images


I’m a musician and trying to get more followers on Spotify. I have used the great tools from Spotify to put hyperlinks in my website. However, it seems people don’t want to go to my website, so all my interaction comes from posting in Facebook, especially pictures.

I’ve created a bunch of banners that I replace often in my Facebook profile. Is there anyway to make the clickable hyperlink to follow me work in my Facebook Profile picture?

I’ve created that in Hype, but that would be html. How do I make it a graphic that would allow the follow me link to work within that image? Is that possible?

You can select an image, then create an ‘Action’ in the action inspector to link to a URL on Facebook: https://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#mouse-and-touch-actions

thanks for the quick response, let me upload the little test I made to show what I mean better.

Here it my test page.

This is of html, which I know you know that, but how can I take this and make it a stand alone graphic that I can post as my profile picture in Facebook and the Spotify follow me link will still work?

When you render something as an image, the links are removed unfortunately. But you could post this as a photo, and then just throw in a URL as a description of the post to retain the link.

You can take a screenshot of something by pressing ⌘ + shift + 4 and then drag + clicking over the object.

Yeah, I knew that option was available, just trying to get something better, thanks again for your quick response!