Hyperesources folder name


I have just started using this, but have a slight issue on export.
If I preview in Firefox, all looks great.
But - when I plubish the files, and upload them to the server - then view in firefox - the screen is totally blank.
I’ve worked out that it’s due to the folder name for the resources which is currently:


It seems that the ‘dot’ is breaking it - if i rename it to:

hyperesources and then change the path in the html file - it works!

Problem is, i have to do this on every export - which is quite tedious.

Any one have a more graceful solution?


What errors do you get in the console when you are trying to view from the server?

This does not sound normal and sounds like your server is trying to treat the folder as a file

Thanks - I don’t get any erros in the console!

the strange thing is that I just tried on another machine, and it works fine - so must be a local browser issue - I’ve cleared cache and cookies though.

Have any ad blockers running? Can you share your URL?

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Doh - Epic fail by me - yes I had ad blockers on - can’t believe I didn’t think of that!!

Thanks Daniel!

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