HyperEdit is a great tool for the Hype Designer too!

I have been working with JSON and Hype and I wanted to put another shout out to the Tumult Team.
HyperEdit is a great investment
I know this was an early product from Tumult and Hype is my favorite program by far but this is a very good editor and I find I use it every day.
And at $25 it is a great value.

I also used it to work out all of my PHP for the QRCreator as well.
It is like having all the good tools in my Hype Swiss Army knife! :smile:



I agree, and have owned a license for HyperEdit since way before I bought Hype

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Thanks, Nick. Looking at it now.

Hype folk: the Buy Now button takes one to a dead page.


How/well does the PHP testing work…

Works Great.
You just need to have the Preview/Editing Mode set to PHP and then your scripts should run just fine in the preview window.

Now I want Hype Pro 4.0 with a HyperEdit button that launches HyperEdit and then relinks your scripts right into your Hype document…wish wish wish :wink:


Cheers, May be worth it just for that…

Great feature request.

Are you able to simulate calls to php files ? if how do you do that… and get results

I have not done that.
When I put the php file together I just FTP to my server and run it there.
It will do php functions and the like but I have never called another file within Hyperedit.

You can edit and view PHP files live – I use it often for our website.

Which button? I tried them all and they all seem to work.

I wanted not to have to up load to the server each time and was hoping HyperEdit allowed you to load a exported project from Hype and run like it was on a server. It does mention that it can simulate this but it is not clear to me how.

I did check the buttons when I saw this and the all seemed to work for me. I actually did buy it also.


You can directly open the exported .html file in Hyperedit to see it live on the right pane: http://cl.ly/1x3q2b1w2H3c

But what I mean is running php along with the exported .html without having to load both up to a server.

i.e run from local

Now I need an iPad version :smile:

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I’ll settle for a new icon and a new site, it would be enough :slight_smile:

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True and some better documentation…

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