HyperEdit: Any plans of introducing a 64-bit version?

Are there any plans for porting HyperEdit to 64-bit architecture? I am interested in this app, but with the upcoming release of MacOS Catalina, which will disable all 32-bit apps, HyperEdit will become unusable unless it’s upgraded to 64-bit. Thanks.

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As far as I know the team is 100% focused on hype and I hope it will continue to do so! because such a small team has managed to build a software that all compare with Adobe Animate CC.

In my opinion you can find excellent alternative for that but you won’t find any for hype4!
If it will be no longer available it is for a good cause :slight_smile:

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I agree. I have just purchased Hype 4 Pro and am very happy with it. Will look for alternatives to HyperEdit elsewhere.

Don’t worry, while it is true our focus primarily is on Hype, we will be making an update to HyperEdit soon to address 64-bit support for macOS 10.15 (and probably some other changes).


nice! good to know!

I’m looking forward to it! I just upgraded my laptop and only just realized that HyperEdit wasn’t able to run in the new OS.

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Stay tuned here; beta coming very soon :smiley:.


The HyperEdit 2.0 beta is now live!


Everyone is welcome to try it out by signing up for the beta program here:

There’s also a new forum category for any app/beta discussion. (Posts won’t show up on the top-level/latest page since I did not want to pollute Hype discussion).