HypeDocks Hype Templates Update

(Freelancer) #1

Hi guys, I would like to show everyone the work I did on hypedocks recently.


I have updated the model and reorganized some sections.

Thanks again to all the developers who have shared stories and tempalte in hypedocks.
@jameskoh @h_classen @nick @VGo @julian @rene @MarkHunte @vincentd @armelle@drewbullen @craigah13 @gaz @Olof @ferbis @colinredwilliams @Luckyde @thejoepeach@johnapurdy @gaz @BigPoppaE @elcalibano @ocultor @Photics @jon4896 @Ben1 @maxpiantoni and many others in the forum

I made al the video background with the contest projects, me, @MaxZieb and @sa1 and one of the most famous animations on the web for hype, @h_classen pacman :slight_smile:

I wish everyone a great new year and the new version of Hype will be the biggest gift.
Hypedocks is ready for new content, I invite everyone to collaborate!

this is the latest Addon added by @MaxZieb Framer Scroll Effect


(Mark Hunte) #2

Looking really good Michelangelo,

Hope you have a good one to.

(Nick ) #3

Very nice!!