Hype4 phone Tilt to control gravity not working on IOS 12?

Hey everyone - I’ve used Hype on mobile and tilt worked fine to control physics, but can’t seem to get anything to work in IOS 12?

Anyone played with this?


Unfortunately Apple humankind basically killed this feature in iOS. You have to manually enable it in the phone’s Settings > Safari > Motion & Orientation Access switch, and even then I think the page must be served over HTTPS for it to work.

We didn’t catch this until just before shipping v4 otherwise we probably would have changed Hype to accommodate.

Edit: blame responsible group

Wow… https://medium.com/@tomasreimers/axolotl-a-keylogger-for-iphone-and-android-a8b7b62cdab4 …the Internet is not fun anymore. I thought Pannellum was broken. It’s just another security related issue. :man_facepalming:t2:

oh wow… edited my above post :persevere:

Has anyone else experienced the lack of motion control in iOS 13 Beta despite enabling it via Safari settings?

My understanding is that a document must also be served over HTTPS for the setting to work. Is that the case for you? Note that Hype’s previews are over HTTP.

I am serving via https. It’s for a PWA. Works on all iOS except 13 where it flat out denies motion access. No word on whether Apple is about to expose some API hooks for this.
If I serve the bundle as a WKwebview in an iOS app it works on iOS13, so everything points to a botched “security setting” in Safari.

Oh yeah, for iOS 13 there is a new call of DeviceOrientationEvent.requestPermission() that is what is now supposed to be used. I haven’t tried it, but the spec is here:


If you try it let me know the results :slight_smile:.


I managed to make it work, though inconsistently as it loses permission after each session, sometimes even mid-session.
Should I start a new thread as this might interest a lot of PWA devs in this group who will find their apps broken after updating to the imminent iOS 13?


That would be great to see what you came up with :iphone:


I was looking forward to using this feature!