Hype3 and DoubleClick


(Julee Peterson) #1

Hello everyone, I feel like I have searched everywhere on the internet for a solution and haven’t found one yet, so I am reaching out.

I work for an advertising agency and I am a digital designer with a web design background. I have created animated banner ads in HYPE3 that need to be trafficked through doubleclick but I haven’t found the proper way to implement a clickTAG that is compatible with their system.

At one point I had a solution worked out where I was hard coding the URL within the javascript.

 <script type="text/javascript">
    var clickTag = "URL";

That code was in the header and then I had a piece of javascript on my button that linked to that code.


This is the code on my button.

The problem with this, is that is didn’t function in firefox. Chrome and safari worked. Also, I am not sure if this will let the trafficker change the URL via doubleclick, I am testing that today.

I have tried the tutorial that I found in the forums along with a dozen other “solutions” but nothing else worked, every file threw and error in DoubleClick that the clickTAG was missing.

Has anyone successfully figured this out or have a different solution?
Please let me know, I would be very grateful as this has been a very frustrating process.


I’m pretty sure the variable that Double Click is looking for is one of the following:

  • %%DEST_URL_ESC%%

… based on this help article. Are you using one of those and still getting an error?

 <script type="text/javascript">
    var clickTag = "%%DEST_URL_ESC%%";

Firefox might be thinking that your window.open function is loading a popup if it is opening a new _blank window. The Stack Overflow threads linked here seem to confirm that. Do you have any popup blockers enabled on Firefox?

(Julee Peterson) #3

Thank you for your reply! We have successfully figure it out!

We used the edited header code you supplied and switched our button from Go to URL to Run Javascript and then created a custom function with the Window open command

function clickTAG(hypeDocument, element, event) { 

Works in all browsers and was successfully uploaded to doubleclick, where our trafficker can change the URL!