Hype Workshops (and Webinars)

Hello you all,

I started offering Hype Workshops over a year ago, but the whole project froze up during the pandemic. I added the webinar possibility and finally set up a domain.


The workshop slides, content and task are currently in German but if the English-speaking community shows enough interest I surly will translate the Workshop and deliver it in English. Regards Max Ziebell. PS: specially thanks at @ktewes for getting me started with this project.


Hi Max:
I would be interested to attend Webinars or take some advanced classes. I would be interested in viewing some of your earlier web video and/or training documentation. I am working with Hype for fun, however, who knows for the future. With various translators available, I do not see a language challenge.

Another idea might be to include some of the training material as part of your sponsorship options.

Patrick McLean

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Hello Patrick,

this Workshop is aimed at teams and a live setting. I will be putting some of it in a Online-Course as soon as I get around to recording it.

Best regards from Berlin


Oh, I overlooked that second statement. That is certainly the aim… a sponsorship (at a certain tier) will give you access to the content as soon as it's available. I am certainly thinking about adding memberships through less complicated means than GitHub, though. I had some people abort supporting me after they had been confronted with the sign-up and sponsorship setup at GitHub.

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