Hype vs. Webflow - for creating a Website

(Jack Browning) #1

I use to work in Flash many years ago. I had gotten used to the inherent limitations of Flash when compared to Standard HTMl, performance, indexing etc etc. Now that the technology has evolved to HTML5 (hype pro); it Seems that the playing field is Level(ing).

I started using Webflow (like wix or squarespace) several months ago and it is fine, but it still is Not as Controllable and Intuitive as Hype Pro.

My question is/are (and I am not a developer):

Can I use Hype 3.0 to create a Standard Website (in terms of performance and compatibility) and thereby Replace Webflow as a needed tool?

THEN IF I can use Hype/HTML5; are there any Considerations/Limitations when compared to using a more traditional HTML generator (i.e. Webflow).

In the past (with Flash), I had created complete Websites using Flash and the Performance Results, Indexing and alike were Not Good! I dont want any of that, or I will just create a Webflow and possibly Insert a section from Hype Pro.

Your insight is Greatly Appreciated. Thank you, Jack

(Ken Heins) #2

I am speaking only generally, don’t know anythinbg about Webflow. I can give you some basis for comparison though.

I work full time for a company where I am required to be on Windows 10 and the website is done on Joomla, a CMS. Understand that I am working on a company website that I did not develop and that has a lot of inherent difficulties (At least once an hour, I want to find the original devloper, ask him "What the hell were you thinking!!!)

Then I go home and build complete sites on Hype 3, no fuss, no muss, the learning curve is about 1/4 that of Joomla. Working on Joomla is like being told: tomorrow you get to drive the Daytona 500…but you get no steering wheel, no throttle pedal, no brake pedal, you have to drive with a keyboard and a mouse. Of course, we use a keyboard and a mouse, but the difference in interface efficiency is literally a matter of workflows from two different centuries.

The idea of using a 19th century workflow model, literally that of a typewriter
to manipulate elements is insane! Couple that with the slight delay working in the “cloud” AARGH

And then to have to rely on my Mac to create decent quality content to to put into the Articles, Menus, Modules, Extensions, Plug Ins, Themes etc etc etc to try to keep straight in your head?

The theory of CMS’s is to allow a relatively untrained person, (like an intern who is a bit experienced in MS Word to be able to create and maintain websites. Really???)

Websites are content driven more every day, so why would anyone want someone who really can’t create decent content messing around in a website. My current boss, great guy and a personal friend believed all the “develop your own website” and its too late to change. We have 50+ pages with over a 1000 documents. And by the terms of contracts with our customers, we have to be on Windows and I am not even able to tell you the name of our company due to our contracts. Technically, I am not supposed to even bring a Mac in the building although my boss knows that I use it to create artistic content, one of which WILL be an animation created in Hype on the page redesign coming in a few months. Sadly it will still be on Joomla which is organizationally as Rube Goldberg as you can get. And yes, in order to get the Hype content into Joomla, we will have to buy yet another Plug In or Module or Extension or…I forget. It’s only $25, but why not just use a proper app?

(Aside: if Tumult made Hype run on Windows, it would be the Hype app that drives the bus, so I would not have any problem)

Long story short: I do complete sites on Hype that don’t even have any animations. Why not, the interface works, its as simple as it can be made in my opinion. Yes I could have designed our company site as large as it is, with Hype.

And there is actual tech support by real people. Ask a tech question on a Joomla forum and you will get literally 50 returns on your web search, most of which don’t apply because every Joomla site is built differently, like a vehicle put together out of junkyard parts from 12 different brands of vehicle, so the odds of the answer being applicable to my situation are just about zero.

For my own sites, I will use often use Sparkle as a container because it does a nice job with Google Analytics, forms, galleries etc. But in most cases, Hype alone does it well.

Wow, I feel better getting that of my chest. Hope it answers your question—whether it was the one you really asked LOL


Hi Jack!

What follows is something of a non-answer because I do not think there are particularly good answers to your questions - there are so many variables that depend on what You are creating.

And, like @TKDblackbelt I have not used Webflow - but I did read reviews of it as well as Wix, Squarespace & Weebly. Even those relatively similar “drag’n drop” web site builders have different niches.

Hype is an animation program - a tool in your toolbox. I do not see it replacing a full on HTML web program. However, if it is a relatively small site with lots of animation then Hype might be a good choice to create the web site. Or if it is a simple site, or one that needs to be created on a low budget, Hype allows for quick assembly. (This is what iWeb was so good at).

Of course You can build complex sites with Hype - I just don’t think it is the right tool for the job.

The flip side - Hype is an invaluable app in the role it was designed for - and the Hype community is the best I’ve ever experienced. Why not check Hype out and see where it fits best in your workflow? It is great software.

So all things considered… your final thought might allow the most flexibility in your work.

(Ken Heins) #4

FYI: I had a client who requested Squarepace; worked with it for a month, huge problem with what I would call “server lag” for lack an official term. Literally never got anything done, even text cut and paste operations would overwhelm it. We abandoned it, did a Hype site with photo galleries on each of 8 pages. However, 2 months after submitting the ESS code to move the domain to Machighway, Squarespace still has not released it. So, one more reason for me to not be a fan of any form of CMS.