Hype Video Tutorials - Fly on the wall series



I’ve created a Patreon page that will have many video tutorials on using Hype in the real world plus lots of tips and tricks and information on the many parts of Hype and how you can use them to create great projects.

This is a sneak preview on the types of things I’ll be sharing.

  • The videos will span multiple categories and range from the most basic to the quite advanced. Also, a lot of the videos will be a kind of “fly on the wall” style so that you can see the logic and real time coding of many solutions to every day problems and projects from start to finish.

  • When becoming a patron, you’ll be able to influence what videos I’ll make too so that the content is recent and valuable to many of you. I’ll be listing all the up coming videos so that you know what to expect.

    • multiple timelines vs symbols

    • class vs id

    • timelines vs javascript functions

    • complete projects

    • prototyping

    • infographics

    • and much more…

Thanks for being a great community and hopefully you’ll get your projects up and running faster with this extra bit of help.