Hype v5 - Rich Media


Would be great to consider feature sets other than just those that cater to banners, etc. in the next major release.

Demo (Bedroom Eyes - I won’t tell Daddy)

Demo - not produced in Hype - but it would be awesome to be able to create this type of production in the next major version… (Original video: Gotan Project - minor edits on my part to mesh with the audio mash-up “Bedroom Eyes” by Someone Else).

This style of presentation would be possible with basic media editing tools such as…
• Two layers of video with in/out points in Hype’s Editor mode.
• Real-time audio layer in Hype’s Editor mode.

I think these types of features could open the sluices for a completely different audience than currently exists.


Thanks for the requests!

Having better audio representation and syncing to a timeline is a pretty high priority.

To set expectations, syncing audio and video at high precision has a lot of hurdles when using web technologies. Video export can yield better results since there’s more control, but Hype’s primary focus is enabling web/interactive features.