Hype uses "unblessed" applications folder

I recently moved some things around on HD’s and SSD’s and finally upgraded from OS X.9.5 to 12. :smile:

The problem I’m having is that working from the SSD with only the program files, User folders and System, Hype seems to be hell bend on using the Safari.app on a HD with also a OS X system on it in case my SSD fails and not the Safari.app in the “blessed” applications folder on the SSD.

I reset launch-d, moved the Safari.app on the HD to the trash, Hype doesn’t seem to be able to see or find the Safari.app on my SSD with the running system and “blessed” app folder.

Anyone any suggestions on how to fix this?

To verify, it does not show up in the preview list?

You may want to try opening the System Preferences and in the General Pref Pane see if you can change the default browser to the other Safari. Just a guess.