Hype Update 3.6.x Mojave Visual Tweaks

(Pete) #1

Now that Mojave is out to public when is next update that would address the visual changes for Hype Pro dark mode in Mojave?

And are you planning on adding the feature for creating a new document via a new tab when in full screen mode in 3.6x or this is a Hype 4 feature for Mojave and future OS releases?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Since there are only a few visual glitches we’re aware of in 3.x we’re waiting a bit to see if any other Mojave-related issues get reported before doing an update. I do think we’ll do a 3.6.8 for this.

(As I know you’re on the beta, if there are still issues with the current beta, let me know. A 3.6.8 update would just be rolling in the visual changes we made for that).

(Pete) #3

I see,

Beta Issues: Only you can say they’re issues:

One thing that keeps on coming back which results in me restarting the app at random is the disappearance of the bounding box in the artboard when selecting elements or groups which has happend a number of times.

Another interesting anomaly is when opening an existing hype doc, the timeline animation pane is defaulted to being above the artboard covering about 75% I have to manually drag the pane down everytime I open the file to see the artboard in full. If there was a way to open a file in full screen everytime I click on the icon or have hype remember the view settings per file that would be extremely helpful as I wouldn’t be rearranging the pane each everytime.

I noticed today when recreating that google FI ad using the sprite Image that At 100% zoom and preview are slightly blurry in comparison to the original. The width value of the sprite is of that in the Original ad and is scaled at 100%

Next, When In full screen mode the idea of creating new documents with tabs is something that I was looking forward to seeing - thank you for bringing it to hype 4. I noticed when hype is not in full screen, it creates doc windows. It would’ve been awesome if there was an option In the preferences to either have it opening in tabs or windows? I would love it if hype opens In full screen or remember my settings based my previous hype session setting.


we’re so busy dealing with all the bugs Apple introduced with Mojave and iOS 12 that we haven’t got around to noticing anything specific to Hype.

Does anyone do any QA at Apple anymore? Yeesh…

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

Please use the ‘Hype > Report an Issue…’ dialog and attache the document for this.

There are some specific reasons why zooming may or may not be blurry. Feel free to send a zip of the .hype doc (report an issue works) and I can take a look.

Sorry, I failed to address this bit of original feedback. Hype already uses tabs in a different way, and we will not be bringing this to fullscreen mode.

It should be preserving full screen status on quit/relaunch. If not, you may need to adjust the general system preferences to not close windows when quitting an app.

(Pete) #6