Hype Universe News #1


Welcome to the first issue of Hype Universe News. We started this newsletter to share next-level Hype projects, animation techniques, and tutorials that can help you get the most out of Hype.

In this inaugural issue, the first order of business is to share some big news: Hype 4 is here . To show off a few high-caliber features from the release, this issue is heavy on Vector Animations and other highlights demonstrating Hype 4’s empowering new features.

Getting Started with Hype 4.0

Whether you’re a more visual learner or prefer text-based documentation, our tutorials have got you covered. You can find Hype 4’s video tutorials here, and all new features documented with examples here.

Vector Animation\ 430x238

You can learn more about what’s possible with Hype 4 by jumping directly to new documentation sections using the links below:

Animations We (Really) Love

You may have heard about the Vector Animation Contest, which was a chance for our Beta testers to show us what they could build with Hype 4’s new vector tools. Below are the winning entries, which mix jaw-dropping artistry with an adept mastery of Hype.

View all Winners.

Tumult Hype Vector Animation Contest\ 100%x174

As you may have guessed, these were all created with Hype 4, and we’re super excited to bring this new capability to the wider world beyond our beta testing team.

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