Hype to SCORM - communicating with the LMS. A proof of concept

Hi there,

I have managed to setup a proof of concept to create a SCORM package from a hype file that directly interacts with the LMS.
The hype file shows how to set score, set status (Completed, Passing, Failing) reset status, set and get chunks of text across sessions. Using hype functions or calling a function in the 'head' section.
Many more interactions are possible and are well documented here: Overview · Rustici Driver Documentation

The hype file has 5 scenes. They are also bookmarked, so when you resume the scorm course, it will continue where you left off. (Note: I did not get this to work in the generated SCORM package through Storyline, but it works great when you create a SCORM package with a SCORM DRIVER template from Rustici (SCORM Cloud - Log in securely to your account) and place your generated HYPE folder (index.html and the resource folder) inside the 'scormcontent' folder of the Rustic SCORM DRIVER package. Their Rustici Scorm Driver is free to try and non-commercial projects. There is a SCORM 1.2/20004/TinCan version.

Thats all you need to do. No long resource xml to edit. Make sure your hype file is index.html or otherwise you need to change the start filename in the Rustici package in the file: indexAPI.html in the scormdriver folder.

In the attached ZIP I have placed the HYPE file, a Storyline file, a SCORM package generated by storyline (where the bookmark function is not working) and a SCORM package created with the SCORM driver package from Rustici. You can test both SCORM packages in for instance Scorm Cloud to see all the LMS communication feedback :SCORM Cloud - Log in securely to your account

I hope this inspires people to continue finding ways to use Hype for educational content development and easy deliverance through SCORM or TinCan packages.

Hype_To_Scorm.zip (2.4 MB)


Super helpful thanks very much for sharing @info9 !!