Hype starts animation before video loaded

Another video question…
If I use a video as a background as shown in this example, on some connections the video takes a few secs to load and in the meantime the hype text animations have started. Is there anyway to have it wait till its all loaded?

you’ll need some eventhandling for the video. in your case https://www.w3schools.com/tags/av_event_canplaythrough.asp
should do the job …

oncanplaythrough => start video and timelines

Thanks, ill have to figure out how to implement that

Im trying inline video with a poster frame but the

  1. poster frame appears √
  2. Play button appears over container (which i want to hide)
    3 Video wont autoplay
  3. cant hide full screen

Im using this

your tags are not correct. have a look at a source like https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_video.asp

also well advised: hypes online-documentation regarding video. it’s got some advice along video-handling. -> includes your questions.

btw: attaching a hypefile will save other user to redo a setup

I got this to work locally but on the server it doesn’t play

1.hype.zip (389.1 KB)


your videofile responds with 404. please have a look to the console …

there’s an other error regarding your customscript called hype.js

this is the path to the video file which appears fine



find the difference :wink:

please use the browserconsole to find and check errors

Thanks Hans, the ‘4’