Hype source file sharing, free download

(朱凌华) #1

Share my work with hype, and I’ll upload the source files for free.
I’m looking forward to version 4.0, but it hasn’t been released yet.
Using Google Translation may be a little inaccurate, I’m a user from China

This forum does not support too many attachments, so:
I uploaded the source file to Google disk, and you can download it.

It is also expected that hype4.0 will arrive soon

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #2

I think Hypedocks.com is your home base, Narutox.


(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

Very cool work! I especially like the UI prototyping examples like the music player.

You are always welcome to post work examples to the forums (I’ve moved this to the Animation Gallery category though). You might get more views/feedback also if you provide a URL to published HTML.

(Freelancer) #4

nice works @narutox
I love the 音乐播放器! could you share it also on HypeDocks?


(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #5

The UI prototyping music player is pretty much cool :slight_smile:

(朱凌华) #6

thanks :笑:

(朱凌华) #7

You can download my work, and then you can help me upload to your website, it doesn’t matter, haha, because … . I’m on the wall, and my VPN is slow.

(朱凌华) #8

Because these works are all my own, so I agree to share them personally. You can help me move to your website.

(朱凌华) #9

Yes, because of the error of translation, I came to this forum. After I published articles, I would upload some screenshots.

(Freelancer) #10

Done I just added the UI audio player template in the “commuty” resources page with your name/nic ( if you need to add more, like an email send me a PM).

thanks again @narutox

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #11

Such a lovely community. :heart:

(Gerard Girbes) #12

Great work!
The UI examples are beautiful.

Thanks for sharing, good for inspiration.