Hype rocks my world


Seriously you guys, I have been fighting with Edge animate for a long time, I see why they are halting that product, your team is blowing it up!!!

I started using it this morning and my mind is blown. In half an hour I had jquery and GSAP running, and testing code on my ipad, just by hitting command enter.

I love you guys!


Glad to hear it, Boone! Welcome to the club.

I haven’t heard of Edge Animate but maybe I’ll check it out before it becomes abandonware :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, same here! After Flash I went to Edge, but it never took off. So now I discovered Hype and I’m blown away with the possibilities and quality of the app. And this forum rocks too. Very impressed with the helpfulness of everybody and the amount of great tutorials, free scenefiles and positive atmosphere. Also the manuals are excellent.

I guess I’m officialy a fan now…

(Warren Adams-Ockrassa) #4

I knew about Edge; Adobe extruded it just a little after Hype v.1, I think. What I didn’t know is that they’re pulling the plug on it. Never used it, myself.

That only leaves Google Web Designer, another one I’ve never used. Knowing the Googs, it’ll be in permanent beta for a few more years, then quietly fade away.

(Freelancer) #5

I agree, hype-tumult is better than Edge for several reasons.
however Edge is a professional software with a robust engine and “a lot” of options.

Normally I use edge but the output is a bit heavy and the javascript less workable than Hype. In Edge I see a lot of desirable features in hype.

Edge is still my favorite program but Hype comes with a fast work floor and it is very simple to use.

The development of Edege is very slow, Hype is growing faster and I love it!